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Say hello to the worst single malt I have every tasted.  Loch Dhu 10 Year Old. This is true shit whisky.  Loaded with E150a  caramel colorant and poorly casked.  I believe the Mannochmore distillery was hiding something i.e trying to make lemonade out of lemons.  This expression was only available in 1997/98, though there is a limited production now and again and sold through specialty retailers for a ransom.  It has now become a collectors item and is way overpriced on auction sites. There is another black whisky available only in the UK called Cu Dhub.  I have a bottle of that as well, but it remains unopened and untasted.  The question for these producers of black whisky is WHY?

I have a sealed 200ml bottle of Loch Dhu in my collection purely for conversation. If you are dying to have one too, I’ve seen it in specialy shops for about $75 200ml and $225 for 75cl.  On ebay I’ve seen them listed (but not sell) for around $300 75cl.

Pass on this dreadful dram.