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Scotch101 Charter

Posted: January 22, 2012 in Scotch101 Charter

Hello site visitor, welcome to my Scotch whisky blog.  I know you are asking yourself, does scotch whisky really need another BLOG?  No, it doesn’t.  But what the heck, here is another one anyway.


The charter of scotch101 is very simple: share thoughts, tasting notes, opinions, and other ramblings about my favorite libation. I have no interest in the whisky industry, so this will be a no holds barred blog. I will provide an open and honest update of tastings. My goal is to offer a weekly update, but I am a working still like most of you so there may be gaps.

Most reviews will be positive because most scotch whisky is pretty great stuff.  But, I have no problem slamming over rated, overpriced, and just plain shitty whisky.

Goals & Objectives of Scotch101

Now the 101 part of the blog refers to the basic notion of availability. I often read whisky reviews of bottlings that are no longer available.  What is the point if I can’t get it?  Primarily, I will stick mostly to distillery bottlings (db) of Scotch, but occasionally may dabble profile a particularly nice independent bottling (ib) that should be available.  Also I will occasionally profile an American, Japanese, Canadian, or Irish whiskey.

Every now and again, I will post thoughts on an extraordinary whisky that is no longer available through retail, but those you may choose  to look out for on ebay or some other auction site.


I will post a picture and pointed tasting notes for each entry. Additionally I will offer a recommendation on the following scale:

Pass – Low quality and/or way overpriced, under no circumstance drink this this stuff.

Decent – Nice, but probably overpriced, drink only if nothing else is available.

Good – Good stuff at a reasonable cost

Recommended – High quality at a good price

Highly recommended – Exception quality at an exceptional price


Why scotch whisky? Because I fell in love with the stuff after tasting it in my mid twenties.  I was a bourbon drinker, but  a friend introduced me to scotch whisky and I never went back.  That was 25 years ago.

Enjoy the site and leave comments or send me an email if you wish.