About Me

I reside about as far away from Scotland as you can get.  I live on the Gold Coast of California, USA. I am not associated with the whisk(e)y industry at all, I just love the stuff.

Q: What does a guy living 5000 miles away from Scotland know about Scotch whisky?

A: No more than you. I am not an expert by any means but I sure like to drink it!  I have been nosing and tasting Scotch whisky for 25 years. Unlike the multitude of volume tasters, I don’t spit it out!!!  I just enjoy it.  Sometimes one glass will last me all night. The result is I favor quality over quantity.

I generally have about 15 bottles open at any given time, but I have a pretty large collection and plenty of inventory to choose from.

Q: Have you ever been to Scotland?

A: No, I hope to visit one day, but a weak dollar makes it cost prohibitive.

Q: Do you have extensive knowledge of the whisky making process?

A: No, very little. However, that shouldn’t discount my ability to taste and differentiate good from excellent whiskies. I just drink ’em, I don’t know what makes ’em.

Q: What’s with the funny nom de plume?

A: I am also a political junky and my name is a play on Marcus Porcius Cato Uticensis (95 BC, Rome – April 46 BC, Utica), commonly known as Cato the Younger (Cato Minor), one of Caesar’s enemies.

Q: Why another Scotch blog?

A: Three major reasons:

1. Not a lot of boggers focus on stuff that is readily available by most people –especially us yanks.

2. There are not many West Coast, US based Scotch bloggers.

3. Most bloggers are anoraks that end up posting lots of tasting notes of very obscure IBs that are impossible to get.

Enjoy scotch101 and send me comments on the site or by email.




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